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The best idea above is the one that is the most direct; having Meet Up groups where newbies can be exposed to full range high fidelity music.  Nothing is more convincing!

Support used HIFI stores near each college campus.  If any marketing is done, support creation of HIFI clubs in high school and on campus.

Don’t forget about car audio.

All generations should be exposed to high-fidelity audio in life.  Keep up the good work!

Instead of focusing on so called high end units, the focus needs to be on affordable, quality units.  Unless you get people into good sound, what’s the point of trying to get them to pay way to much?

Keep at it guys!  I’m pushing this survey through to about 20,000 people on a few Facebook forums that I admin so here’s hoping they take the time to complete it.  I love what you guys are doing so please don’t get discouraged!

This seems to be like the stand-off between atheists and devotees.  It is futile to convince someone to jump from one to another.  Music, like religion, is deeply personal.  Hence, though I love music and listening to fidelity, I find it extremely difficult to convince those who are not already convinced.  On the other hand, the very word “marketing” has its own negative connotations of trying to promote what does not exist (and hence requires promotion).  So though I endorse the project, I do not know the best way forward.

Start slower.

I am not interested in helping to fund the campaign.  Those who stand to profit from the campaign should be the ones to fund the project.  Especially at the high prices being charged for some of the equipment.

Start very focused as I don’t believe that the costs associated with the planed thinking is going to be achieved.

Keep up the initiative!

Do not forget the price issue in promoting high-end.  While it may generally true that a more expensive component has higher performance, it is possible nowadays to achieve great audio improvements with very cheap material (sometimes cheaper than non-audiophile components – see Bose, Beats, Sonos just to mention a few).

Good luck!

Keep up the good work.  Don’t let good quality music fizzle out into compressed portable digital stuff that it is quickly becoming.

Reach out to both Industry, but also their customers!  We don’t bite, and can contribute some, too!

When dealing with negative press, especially for high performance audio, it is a very difficult task due to younger people having been raised with PR bullshit their whole life. This has been a failing in my opinion of the high performance audio industry over the last 10 to 20 years.  The press should focus mostly on the music and enjoyment.
Finally the major pieces of gear required, never on cables and other tweaks.

When talking about the gear the focus should be on the lower cost gear, think smartphone to tablet prices not going higher.  Focusing on gear higher in price makes it seem like a one-percent-er hobby and turns off people in their 20’s and 30’s.  The price range I stated earlier is also in my opinion where most of the innovation is happening right now and is what people are happy to spend on gadgets (to non audiophiles these are gadgets) when they have the money.

“High-Performance” needs to be defined.  If it is defined either as old technologies or inaudible and expensive claims for superiority, count me out.

Suggest embracing/absorbing under your umbrella. Experienced training/trainers will be needed.  I am highly qualified.

I was CEO and chief engineer of a company in the audio industry, but now am retired.  I may participate again someday.

The survey is not good.  Questions are highly leading and should be formulated differently.  Sorry.  As we discussed before, I run a survey company and can help (free) to make surveys that are more valuable.

Good Luck!

Most people under 30 don’t have any idea what a fine audio system is, let alone sounds like.

I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that shows, not dealer events, do nothing.  I don’t know why, but I’m not see a lot of sells for anyone.  After or at the show.

Understand that if you push traditional audiophile music, or imply that the music people like isn’t good enough, you will fail.

The audio industry lastly has to abandon the analog path in favor of a full Ethernet based and wireless digital, small footprint, energy consumption modular and scalable approach to meet requirement of a new generation.  With current product offerings, any scale of marketing efforts will be a waist and will eventually backlash!

A list of those responsible for marketing at the manufacturer’s distributor’s and agency’s level would be helpful for all of the industry’s players, including those of the press.

Focus should be on PR, not advertising.  Throwing money at this will have a very high cost to benefit ratio.  Concentrate on press releases, events, networking, word of mouth, word of ear.  Simplify the message and get it well defined.  Emphasize that high performance is achievable without high cost.

Feedback for Save The Stereo Project:

“I strongly support Save The Stereo Project and urge my fellow stereo industry friends to do the same.” - Gene Rubin, Gene Rubin Audio

“Finally, someone realized that we as an industry need to do something to prevent extinction.  Hope that influential industry members can/will pull together.” - Vade Forrester, Contributing Writer, The Absolute Sound

“I love the idea to promote, reach, and educate not just the audio lovers, but also to advance the appreciation of the music we try to reproduce.” - Ernie Fisher, Editor, The Inner Ear Magazine

"Bravo, Gordon. Your efforts to advocate for quality reproduction of music are sincerely appreciated." - Richard Schram, President, Parasound Products, Inc.

"We heartily agree with the Project. Young people are always surprised when they hear music through our Nola loudspeakers and associated electronics. "WOW!", they say, "I never thought it could be this good!" - Marilyn Marchisotto, VP/CFO, Accent/Nola Speakers

"I heartedly support Save The Stereo Project." - Bill Thalmann, President, Music Technology, Inc.

“This is just the thing needed to promote and encourage the next generation of high fidelity music listeners.” - Craig Sypnier, Owner, Audio Renaissance

“Great idea, I sincerely hope we all can get together spreading the word.  Listening to music is one of the greatest ways to decouple and relax, be it live or from a great music system.” - Peter B. Noerbaek, President, PBN Audio LLC - Montana Loudspeakers

“I wish Save The Stereo Project every success.” - Steve Daniels, President, The Sound Organisation

“High fidelity stereo enjoyment lives on through Save The Stereo Project!” - Adam Johnson, Madisound Speaker Components, Inc.

"Brilliant! The efforts of Save the Stereo Project are timely and much needed. We at Veloce Audio look forward to helping in any way we can." - Mark Conti, Managing Director, Veloce Audio

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