Why We Should Care About Saving The Stereo

Almost every home-based activity is better and more enjoyable with music.  Leisure activities like reading, web-surfing, and family time are more fun with music.

Music also makes a home more comfortable, social, and festive for entertaining visiting friends and family.  The party always starts when the music begins.

Music inspires and enhances our creative hobbies like baking, drawing, painting, scrap booking, sewing, and craft making.  Listening to music itself makes for an incredibly rewarding life-long hobby.  Turn off the TV, and turn on a stereo.

Music decreases our stress and helps us relax improving our overall mental well being.  There’s extensive medical journal evidence that music helps with depression, anxiety, hypertension, physical pain, and heart disease.  Recent research has discovered music benefits for autism and Alzheimer’s.

Most of us don’t like to work, exercise, or clean the house, but these chores are often easier and more productive with music.  Music improves our focus and concentration making us more successful at school and work.  Music increases our physical strength and endurance for exercise helping us become more healthy.  Vacuuming to Van Halen or Beethoven is always more fun.

Children also significantly benefit from music in the home.  Scientific data proves that music stimulates developing brains to boost brain power, memory, social abilities, confidence, discipline, patience, and creativity.   Children also immediately respond to uptempo music with energy burning dance and motion.  Downtempo music them calms and relaxes children for naps and down time.

Want more reasons?  How about Bono, Bowie, Brown, Clapton, Cline, Cobain, Daltry, Dylan, Elvis, Fitzgerald, Gaye, Hendrix, Henley, Jackson, Jagger, Joplin, Lennon, Lennox, Marley, Mitchell, Morrison, Plant, Simon, Sinatra, Springsteen, Taylor, Winwood, and Wonder (just to name a few) singing live in your home every night?  We’re talking life-affirming beauty and magic folks.  It’s amazing.

Knowing how important music is, why on Earth would we trust it to anything less than a high-fidelity home stereo system?  Listening to music on a bluetooth box, sound bar, or the speakers built into a laptop is akin to baking food on a Easybake Oven or sleeping on an air mattress every night.  With something as important as music, you need a real home stereo system.

No other experience or technology can offer the health, well being, inspiration, relaxation, or pure invigoration that music provides – nothing but music.

p.s. We almost don’t want to mention it, but watching television and movies and playing video games are all greatly enhanced with a high-quality home stereo system.  Superbowl in HD and a high-fidelity stereo system?  You’re on the scrimmage line.