Industry Testimonials 2

“I believe that all people owe it to themselves to take a listen to a good stereo component system.  When music comes to life it makes us understand why we are spending time to experience the performances that are capable when artists and groups give us insight into what they are trying to do in the comfort of our own homes.  The enrichment that follows.” – Wayne Roux, HFX Systems

“Anyone willing to seek the cure for compression depression has my support!  A whole generation needs to be educated.  Maybe instead of handing out free condoms we should be handing out free aiff files!” – Matt Early, Now Listen Here

“Any discourse about this subject is healthy and necessary if we are going to have a shot at keeping it alive.” – William Putnam, HiFi Exchange

“We strongly support Save The Stereo Project and sincerely appreciated your efforts. We will urge our music friends and stereo industry friends to do the same.  The reaction by a first time listener of a high performance audio system in our showroom says it all!” Mike Kalellis, President, Arion Audio, MK Audio LLC

“This will be an excellent way to also re-introduce classical music back to the younger listeners of today, intensifying the need to have better stereo systems and recordings. Be it Jazz or Blues also, the reintroduction of music and systems will benefit all. I am committed to this and have practiced this with my young kids. I urge you to do the same with your families as part of Save the Stereo Project.”  – Merrill Wettasinghe, Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC

“We all need this, we all need to get back to loving music in the right way before a great idea is forever lost.” – Marcus Downey, Owner and Founder,

“More and more, through the past several years bad music and bad audio media have prevailed, and obscured good music for a whole generation of iPod-heads.  It is crucial for both good and bad music, as well as for those who wish to listen to either, that they know of superior sonic alternatives, even within the iPod arena, such as higher quality downloads, and an appreciation of sound quality that can lead hem to true high fidelity.

Thusly, they can learn that LPs are for great audio reproduction, not just DJ manipulation, that analog tape can sound superior to CD (with frequency response well beyond 20 kHz), and that SACDs, and other cutting edge audio technologies are even better.

My particular Hi-Fi hobby horse these days is the extraordinary sonic superiority of surround SACD for the best possible home audio reproduction, surpassed only by its direct parent, pure DSD reproduction, now becoming available from forward-thinking music producers.

We must lead the temporarily aurally blinded into the sonic light of the new century, a crusade that leads to enjoyment and freedom.  Unlike any other religious or quasi-religious campaign, this one will lead to freedom of thought and enjoyment of our aural lives, as well as a cultural enrichment that will improve millions of lives, and lead us into a new Age of Enlightenment!” – Andrew Marshall, Life Member AES, recording engineer/producer

“Excellent quality audio systems have less of a following since the introduction of home theater and the removal of music courses in our schools.  Providing accurate information about the reproduction of music recordings is a worthwhile goal.  It provides those who have not been taught about or have not been exposed to good quality music reproduction a path to better sound and potentially more enjoyment from their music listening experiences.” – Donald Naples, Manufacturer of the Orion-4 Speakers

“Finally, instead of reading about the gloom and doom of high-end audio, Gordon White is actually doing something about it.  I love the Reach One, Teach One approach.  I’m in!” – Clement Perry, Publisher, The Stereo Times

“Listening to music is an emotional experience in my opinion.  There is more benefit the better the quality of reproduction and the listener needs to educate their ears and brain to appreciate the benefit.  The younger generations are so used to listening to poorly recorded music they need educating as to the benefits.” – Mike Cox,

“Great idea that’s been a long time coming!  A much needed community effort to encourage the next generation of HiFi music listeners.” – Bruce Pea, CEO, Ars Harmonia

“What could be better than getting behind an initiative to spread the joy of music and all the goodness that comes from that?  Music is more accessible and affordable than ever.  Raising the bar on the listening experience for more people is a great mission.  Count me in.” – Morten Sissener, Founder and President, Tortuga Audio

“We need this idea to spread to the younger generations.  You only need to hear a few minutes of amazing audio to be hooked!  I will help spread the word.  We need to save the stereo.” – Colin Kolb, A/V Installer and Tech, Glick Audio and Video

“I think this project is very promising and very necessary because most of today’s children, teenagers, and twenty somethings have never had an actual musical experience.  Not only is popular music at an absolute nadir, but in any case audio via a pocket device and earbuds is not a musical experience, whether the music is pop, rock, or classical.  Unfortunately, entry-level high-fidelity stereo is no longer within the average young person’s budget, as it was in the 1950s and 1960s, but the introduction to it needs to be made, regardless.  Best of luck and keep me posted.” – Peter Aczel, Editor and Publisher, The Audio Critic

“Today’s young people have been brought up to think that the digital music is how music sounds.  I am an analog lover.  Digital sound, to be frank, is crap to me.” – Colin Wonfor, Technical Director, Tellurium Q 

Feedback for Save The Stereo Project:

“I strongly support Save The Stereo Project and urge my fellow stereo industry friends to do the same.” - Gene Rubin, Gene Rubin Audio

“Finally, someone realized that we as an industry need to do something to prevent extinction.  Hope that influential industry members can/will pull together.” - Vade Forrester, Contributing Writer, The Absolute Sound

“I love the idea to promote, reach, and educate not just the audio lovers, but also to advance the appreciation of the music we try to reproduce.” - Ernie Fisher, Editor, The Inner Ear Magazine

"Bravo, Gordon. Your efforts to advocate for quality reproduction of music are sincerely appreciated." - Richard Schram, President, Parasound Products, Inc.

"We heartily agree with the Project. Young people are always surprised when they hear music through our Nola loudspeakers and associated electronics. "WOW!", they say, "I never thought it could be this good!" - Marilyn Marchisotto, VP/CFO, Accent/Nola Speakers

"I heartedly support Save The Stereo Project." - Bill Thalmann, President, Music Technology, Inc.

“This is just the thing needed to promote and encourage the next generation of high fidelity music listeners.” - Craig Sypnier, Owner, Audio Renaissance

“Great idea, I sincerely hope we all can get together spreading the word.  Listening to music is one of the greatest ways to decouple and relax, be it live or from a great music system.” - Peter B. Noerbaek, President, PBN Audio LLC - Montana Loudspeakers

“I wish Save The Stereo Project every success.” - Steve Daniels, President, The Sound Organisation

“High fidelity stereo enjoyment lives on through Save The Stereo Project!” - Adam Johnson, Madisound Speaker Components, Inc.

"Brilliant! The efforts of Save the Stereo Project are timely and much needed. We at Veloce Audio look forward to helping in any way we can." - Mark Conti, Managing Director, Veloce Audio

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