To meet the challenges identified in the Challenges section, Save The Stereo spotlights ideas proposed by the project founders, home stereo community, and participating industry leaders.

The following is the current list of proposed ideas for the home stereo hobby and marketplace.  If you have an idea that addresses a specific challenge (see Challenges section) and is not listed below, or have something to add to an existing proposed idea, please propose your idea or idea addition by clicking here.

Each proposed idea is be attributed to their source unless anonymity is requested.

Save The Stereo Project Proposed Ideas
Updated November 28, 2013

Idea #1: Stereo Store Day
proposed by Save The Stereo on November 28, 2013

Save The Stereo is excited to propose the idea of an annual Stereo Store Day on the fourth Saturday in April; the Saturday after Record Store Day.  Stereo Store Day would be a voluntary, one day event to attract music lovers and audiophiles to independent stereo stores from coast-to-coast and around the world.

In-store events at participating independent stereo stores could include product demonstrations, stereo and music seminars, listening parties with new and popular audiophile pressings, enticing prize drawings, give aways, and a store-wide sale.

Stereo and music industry representatives would be invited to participate for guest appearances and product demonstrations.

Idea #2: In-Store Events
proposed by Save The Stereo on November 28, 2013

Save The Stereo is excited to propose the idea of year-round calendar of in-store events for independent home stereo stores.  These events would be designed to establish, maintain, and grow an active community of customers.

The Save The Stereo project is working on an extensive list of possible events designed to attract and engage new customers and keep them returning to the store for additional events, educational opportunities, and experiences.  Each of these events will be posted as a separate idea on Save The Stereo for evaluation by the community and industry.

Feedback for Save The Stereo Project:

“I strongly support Save The Stereo Project and urge my fellow stereo industry friends to do the same.” - Gene Rubin, Gene Rubin Audio

“Finally, someone realized that we as an industry need to do something to prevent extinction.  Hope that influential industry members can/will pull together.” - Vade Forrester, Contributing Writer, The Absolute Sound

“I love the idea to promote, reach, and educate not just the audio lovers, but also to advance the appreciation of the music we try to reproduce.” - Ernie Fisher, Editor, The Inner Ear Magazine

"Bravo, Gordon. Your efforts to advocate for quality reproduction of music are sincerely appreciated." - Richard Schram, President, Parasound Products, Inc.

"We heartily agree with the Project. Young people are always surprised when they hear music through our Nola loudspeakers and associated electronics. "WOW!", they say, "I never thought it could be this good!" - Marilyn Marchisotto, VP/CFO, Accent/Nola Speakers

"I heartedly support Save The Stereo Project." - Bill Thalmann, President, Music Technology, Inc.

“This is just the thing needed to promote and encourage the next generation of high fidelity music listeners.” - Craig Sypnier, Owner, Audio Renaissance

“Great idea, I sincerely hope we all can get together spreading the word.  Listening to music is one of the greatest ways to decouple and relax, be it live or from a great music system.” - Peter B. Noerbaek, President, PBN Audio LLC - Montana Loudspeakers

“I wish Save The Stereo Project every success.” - Steve Daniels, President, The Sound Organisation

“High fidelity stereo enjoyment lives on through Save The Stereo Project!” - Adam Johnson, Madisound Speaker Components, Inc.

"Brilliant! The efforts of Save the Stereo Project are timely and much needed. We at Veloce Audio look forward to helping in any way we can." - Mark Conti, Managing Director, Veloce Audio

To read all of the industry and community feedback for Save The Stereo Project, check out the Feedback section.